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SSP has become well recognised among enthusiasts inside and outside of Norway.

Based upon many years of experience in Norway and Germany, our speciality is off course BMW. Tarjei Christiansen, despite his young age, has been running the company for many years. He has more than 10 years of experience and has been trained by specialists in Germany. 
We have many examples of larger conversions which comprise more than an engine rebuild or tuning. These included complete re builds from empty chassis including all electronics to drive train and body works.

Some conversions carried out through out the last 20 years:

E30 with M5 3,6l twin turbo 1048hk/1050NM (Basic 320)
E28 545 Turbo (Basic 518)
E34 Alpina B10 Bi-turbo estate (basic 518)
E34 M5 (basic 518)
E34 550 V12 (basic 518)
E34 M5 Turbo (basic 525 D)
E36 Compact B8 4.6 V8 (basic 318)
E36 Compact 5,6 V12. (”the small one with the big one”). (basic 316)
E36 Compact 2.8 supercharged (basic 318)
E36 B8 4.6 V8 estate (basic 323)
E39 M5 V8 estate (basic 520)
E46 Coupe Hartge H50 (M5 V8) (basic 323)
E46 M3 SMG 4 door saloon (basic 318)
E46 M3 SMG estate (basic 320)
E46 325 supercharged cab (basic 325)
E46 Alpina B8 4.6 V8 (basic 323)
E46 M3 CSL (basic 325)
E46 M3 CSL supercharged (basic M3 CSL)
E92 M3 V10 550 hk (basic M3)
Porsche GT2 Evo 686 HK (basic 911 SE)
Porsche RSR 3.6 (basic 911 2,4)
Mitzubishi Evo VI with M3 2,3 Turbo 570 HK

Last year we have delivered many E39 M5s and E46 M3s against customer orders.

We run a continuous process in order to be up to date at all times, concerning all the latest technical and customs regulations for Norway and EU in general. This enables us to deliver a product in line with the Norwegian approvals laws, TAX and insurance giving extra reassurance for our customers

We cooperate with several companies inside and outside of Norway for both new and used parts and donor cars in order to qualify our products. This also gives our customers totally converted cars, yet with legitimate and matching numbers. This also ensures traceability with regards to maintenance and parts.