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SSP has become well recognised among enthusiasts inside and outside of Norway.

SSPerfomance has become well recognised among car enthusiasts in Norway, with the capability to carry out complete conversions beyond most peoples imaginations and with the necessary technical and national approvals. There have been numerous articles in car magazines not only in Norway, but also in the UK and Australia.

Even the Norwegian version of ”Top Gear”, called “Broom Live”, had a separate prime time programme on Norwegian nation wide TV recently. 

23 years specializing on BMW conversions tells it’s own story off course .
However, we also have a great fondness for Porsche 911 and some of the fastest track day 911 cars in Norway have been delivered from our work shop. Even complete rebuild from scratch can be carried out. Also special engine repair of the troublesome 996 3,4 litre engine has become our speciality.

We have through out the years, been working very close to some of the most experienced specialists and developers of technology to BMW. This has given the ability to fulfil most customer’s wishes and demands in order to get a superb result with the best quality.

This might be a car with a very discrete appearance, hiding its performance in a way the owner wishes. Yet, a day on the track with the very same every day car can be hugely pleasurable experience. An example is the complete “M” drive train from M3 or M5 in an estate is a good example.  

All of our conversions can be delivered with full technical approvals.

Some examples of our offerings:

  • All sort of modifications and conversions of all BMW models, either as complete vehicle or carried out on customers own car.
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Engine rebuild
  • Technical approvals
  • Supercharging or turbo conversion